Safety tips for reclaiming your tax online

Safety tips for reclaiming your tax online

Using the internet has made our lives all the more convenient, with this ease though comes a number of related risks. Fraud comes in many forms and you can never be too safe with keeping informed and exercising caution online. Here are some tips to keep you safe through your tax reclaim process:

  • REMEMBER, financial institutions will NOT send you an email/text asking you to click on a link and confirm your bank details. Do not trust such emails/texts, even if they look genuine. If your claim is successful, you will be notified by HMRC by official correspondence in the post (NEVER by text or email).

  • We/HMRC will NEVER ask for banking/card details. If your claim is successful, you will receive your refund by cheque in the post (If you have been asked by email/text to provide this information and have already done so, please immediately contact The Action Fraud Hotline on 03001232040 or at

    See an example of the types of phishing emails and messages currently being circulated by fraudsters (source:

  • We will NEVER request your password or security codes. NEVER give out your passwords or security verifications to ANYONE asking.

  • We are governed by the Data Protection Act and do not share claim-specifics over the phone (unless you have been taken through security verification), or on any public social platforms.

  • We do not currently have Facebook or Twitter messenger enabled and therefore urge you to please direct all correspondence to or write to us at Tax Returned Limited, PO Box 68031, NW4 9JB.

  • It is SAFE to enter your details on our website and by email ( Our website is SSL compliant. We ONLY use your personal details for claim purposes, unless you have separately authorised our trusted partners to contact you.

  • If you are contacting us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, please remember that you are posting on a public forum and should think twice about what people will see. We love your comments, but please be respectful of others. We reserve the right to delete profane, harassing, abusive and spam comments and to block repeat offenders.

  • You can never be too safe, so always double-check. Any correspondence from us will come from one of our official email addresses ( or by post. Make sure you know the source of ANY correspondence you have received before responding.

These are the basics to help you stay safe online when claiming with Tax Returned. We appreciate all feedback, so please email us on with any comments, queries or suggestions about privacy and safety.

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