Tax Returned - Fees

With our no win, no fee guarantee – we are only entitled to a fee if you are entitled to a refund. Just having the peace of mind in knowing that your tax code is correct and you are paying the correct tax is a great result.

Our Fee

If we are successful in obtaining a refund on your behalf, our fee is 28% (+VAT) plus £50 (+VAT), limited to the refund received, not a penny more! If we receive multiple refunds on your behalf within the same tax year, we will calculate our fees based on the value of the sum of the refunds, not on each individual tax refund.

This fee covers our time, expertise, and hours of potentially frustrating correspondence with the tax office on your behalf.

The best news of all is that you will receive 100% of the increase to your net pay going forward as a result of your new allowances – that’s all part of our service!

See below for an illustrative example of how our fees are calculated:

Jenny, an NHS nurse, chooses to use our service to help submit a tax refund claim on her behalf. She claims tax relief on the cost of washing her uniform and professional/union fees paid to the Royal College of Nurses (RCN) and Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) for the last four tax years. In addition, she also uses her private car for work to travel between hospitals throughout the day. She is awarded a tax refund of £962.

Tax Refund: £962.00
Fees: £319.36 (28% x £962 plus £50)
VAT: £63.87 (£319.36 x 20%)
Jenny’s Refund: £578.77

Best News…

As a result of incorporating the uniform and professional/union fees into Jenny’s tax code, she will save a minimum of £92 in tax per year, which over a period of the next 20 years of her working career, will save her over £1,840

A great result for a small fee paid!

Please note:
Fees will still apply to any claims submitted to HMRC before the cancellation or termination of a Contract.

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