All Industries Tax Refund - Claim your tax refund!

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Employees are entitled to claim back tax on:

Work uniform maintenance

If you wear a company branded uniform/safety gear/Hi-Vis at work, and your employer does not provide washing facilities to you, you can claim an allowance from HMRC for the cost of washing your uniform.

Working from Home (WFH)

If your employer has asked you to work from home, we can help you claim an allowance of up to £312 per year for expenses you incurred whilst working from home. You do not have to provide receipts to claim this allowance.


If you have withdrawn money from your pension, you may have overpaid tax on that withdrawal. We will help you prepare your claim for submission to HMRC.

Union or Professional fees

HMRC has approved tax relief on fees for certain professional organisations and unions. We can include these expenses in your claim, please click here to read the full list of approved organisations and unions.


You can claim expenses for miles you travel using your own vehicle whilst working, excluding travel to and from work. We may offer you the opportunity to claim these expenses, if we identify that you could benefit from filing a custom claim.

Overpaid tax

You may have overpaid tax for several reasons, including if an employer gave you an incorrect tax code or if you changed jobs during a tax year. We will help you provide any information to HMRC to address any confusion regarding your employment(s).

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