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In order for us to perform our service, we may need to obtain information from HMRC on your behalf. Signing a 64-8 form and providing us with Digital Access (Online) will allow us to better manage your tax affairs.

We offer a comprehensive tax reclaim service, ensuring that our tax experts maximise their expertise to help our clients reclaim every penny they are owed! When you submit a tax refund application, Tax Returned will look to reclaim (on your behalf), any overpaid tax for up to four previous tax years.

What is a 64-8 form?

As part of the claim process, we will ask you to authorise us as your tax agent by way of a 64-8 Authorising your Agent form. This is an HMRC form that authorises us as your tax agent and allows us to discuss your tax affairs with HMRC. This means we can exchange information with HMRC on your behalf. We do this because to perform our services, we may need to discuss and share information with HMRC regarding your claim and tax records, which this form enables us to do. We will remain your tax agent until either of us removes that authorisation, or you authorise another tax agent.

What is a Nomination?

Your claim form includes a nomination for Tax Returned Limited (your nominee), to receive your tax refunds on your behalf for the years relevant to the claim period. The nomination streamlines the refund process and reduces your involvement. The nomination can be removed by the taxpayer at any time, but fees will still be due as per the terms of the agreement.

What is Digital Access (Online)?

We will request that you grant us access via a secure link to your digital tax records to assist us with our assessment of your claim. If you grant us access, we will also use this to investigate whether you are eligible to claim any further expenses. If we believe that you are eligible, we may contact you with a link to submit these additional expenses. We will also use this access to perform an annual check (for the duration of your contract with us) for overpaid tax and notify you of the result if we believe you may be due a refund.

You can remove our digital access at any time by logging into your Personal Tax Account online.

What is our ongoing yearly check?

In addition to your initial tax refund claim, we will perform an ongoing yearly check to determine whether you have overpaid tax. We may contact you to offer assistance with reclaiming any refunds that we identify you might be due.

 Please note that if at any point: the 64-8 Agent Authorisation is revoked by either of us; you appoint another tax agent; or we are unable to access your digital tax records, we may be unable to perform this ongoing yearly check.

We will perform this ongoing part of our service for the remainder of your contract with us. For more information on the duration of your contract as well as your cancellation rights, please see our Terms and Conditions.



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