Pension Tax Refund - Claim your tax refund now!

Have I overpaid Tax on my Pension withdrawal?

The highest refund to date is £7,919.51!*

*This figure is based on the highest pension related refund recovered so far. Your actual refund amount may differ.

(HMRC Pension schemes newsletter 104, October 2018)

If you are withdrawing from your Pension Fund, taking a Lump Sum or have purchased an Annuity you may be due a tax refund. Individuals withdrawing all or some of their Pension contributions are being taxed incorrectly on a large scale.  

Did you know, up to 25% of Pension withdrawals are tax free. Have you been taxed correctly?

Illustrative example of a Pension tax refund:

Keith Pension Tax ReturnKeith Sheppard has been contributing towards his pension for over 30 years. He recently retired and wants to take his wife Samantha on a cruise (with a balcony) as well as do some repairs to their property.

He completes his tax rebate pension application using our online tax rebate calculator and receives a tax refund of £6,152.55 a few weeks later that enables him to treat his wife and live more comfortably!

Below is a breakdown of his tax rebate – as per HMRC legislation, he was able to claim back overpaid tax on his pension:

Keith withdrew from his pension £22,096.19
HMRC taxed him £8,371.75
We claimed back on behalf of Keith £6,152.55

Our specialised Pension Advisory team are here for you every step of the way!

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