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Emergency Tax refunds

The highest refund to date is £8,198!*

*This figure is based on the highest refund recovered so far in this sector. Your actual refund amount may differ.

Can I Claim an Emergency Tax Refund?

If you have been incorrectly placed on an emergency tax code you may be due an emergency tax refund. Taxpayers with a single employment should not generally be placed on a BR tax code unless for a specific reason eg. your employer is awaiting confirmation of your national insurance number or the receipt of your P45. We can assist you with reclaiming any overpaid tax related to emergency tax and code errors.

Work Uniform

Uniforms include high-vis vests, and ‘company branded uniforms’ eg a polo shirt and/or fleece displaying the name of the school. Provided that your employer does not provide on-site facilities to wash your uniform, you are entitled to claim a uniform washing allowance.

Union Fees & Memberships

Monthly/yearly contributions to your union/professional body may be tax deductible which means you can claim back a portion of your fees as a tax refund. There are thousands of unions/professional bodies in the UK that qualify for tax relief, provided they are approved by the tax office and form part of their ‘List 3’.

Expenses & Mileage

Buying, repairing or replacing small tools you need to do your job are tax deductible.  You can also claim a tax refund on repairing or replacing specialist clothing.

A mileage deduction may be claimed for business mileage incurred. Meals and accommodation (business travel) may also be tax deductible depending on the nature of the expense.

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